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Workshop Descriptions 

Reiki Certification

Reiki, pronounced “ray key”, means Universal Life Force.

Reiki is a healing technique and a spiritual practice that was developed in Japan early in the last century. It’s practiced by placing your hands on or just above the body. Reiki is a dynamic tool for tapping into a larger system of universal energy that already flows inside and outside our bodies. There are three levels taught in the complete system of Reiki. We will be offering the various levels as different times through out the year. 

Reiki Level 1 Shoden (Beginner Teachings)   

Once you have received this training, you will be certified to give Reiki to yourself and others.

In the beginner’s class  you learn specific routines that you are encouraged to practice daily. One of Reiki’s great advantages is that it does not require any special equipment and therefore can be practiced anywhere. It will be as effective if you choose to combine it with meditation or to practice it throughout your day every time your hands are free. You can give Reiki to yourself while talking, watching TV, sitting in a waiting room or watching a movie. Self- Reiki brings balance and harmony and supports your body’s natural healing abilities.

Reiki level 2 Okuden ( Hidden or Inner Teachings) 

This level of learning allows you to receive paying clients who will accept Reiki healing from the Universe as it flows through, you – a clear conduit of healing energy as you have healed yourself. This course teaches the student three of four Reiki symbols, how to draw and activate them and to use them in healing sessions with yourself and clients. This course teaches the distance healing method that Dr.Usui taught his students; distance is no matter for Reiki, Universal energy transcends all time and so healing the past, present and future is achievable, as too other lifetimes and dimensions. Karma is resolved and you begin to move into a clearer state of being, whatever requires purging from your conscious and unconscious mind will be released and you will be able to review this, if you choose, to glean pearls of wisdom and gems of insight. 

Reiki Level 3 Shinpiden (Mystery Teachings)

Receive two more symbols and be able to pass on the knowledge and attunements on to others.

Crystals 101

Have you ever been drawn to a certain crystal or all crystals, but don't know why? This class will be covering a wide range of topics all about crystals.

Here are some of them we will be discussing:

*Brief History of uses in ancient times and through Religion

*What crystals actually are

*Why they work

*How to chose one

*Crystal Shapes & colors

*Cleansing ~ Recharging ~ Programming

Tonics, Teas, & Tinctures

 Love herbs, but only know how to cook with them?This workshop will be all about how to make your own Herbal Tea blends, Tonics, and Tinctures. Come and learn the full potential to your favorite cooking herbs plus some other helpful herbs and how to use them in a healing kind of way.

We will go through a hands on step by step process so you can see exactly how to get the most of your fresh or dried herbs all year long. This is a great way to build up that Herbal First Aid Kit.

For instance, Oregano contains vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as fiber, folate,iron,magnesium,vitaminB6,calcium,and potassium, Oregano has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal effects, and may kill MRSA, listeria, and other pathogens

Oregano essential oil may be useful for respiratory ailments like colds and flu.

This class will take you back to basics, like great grandma used to do!! 

How to Brew Your own Kombucha 

Kombucha has a long standing history of being around for thousands of years, and for many good reasons!! In this class I will show you how to save money, by brewing your own kombucha.  Its a very simple procedure, and can be fun to watch the process.  Apple Cider Vinegar is another amazing fermented product that has numerous benefits and goes hand in hand with the Tea.  

This is a free informative class but will have Kits or "SCOBYs" available for purchase. 

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