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Holistic Healing & Beneficial Botanicals

Naturally By Nature (NBN) offers a wide range of holistic approaches to achieving a state of balance and alignment within your state of health. We use tools such as Crystals, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Cupping, Herbs, and Oils and many more. We have come to learn that this is a vibrational world and everything has a frequency. When we find an imbalance in our system whether it's in the energy body, emotional body, mental body, or physical body it is the root cause of “dis-ease”. By using the powerful medicine of sound it can allow your body to come back to the place of balance and back into a state of “ease” thus allowing the healing to occur. We also offer several healing services such as Crystal Therapy, Reiki, & Private Yoga. For more detail please click on the "Services" button.


We also offer natural and unique hand made items in our Retail section. Featuring a wide variety of medicinal and culinary herbs whether you are looking for live plants grown on site, already dried herbs, crystals, jewelry, unique apparel, and more.


We hold several classes and hands on workshops through the year on a variety of topics, such as Reiki Certification, Crystals & Grid Work, How to grow, harvest, dry, & use your herbs, How to make herbal salves, teas, and tinctures, Seasonal herbal and flower walks, Brewing Kombucha Tea, Henna art, and many more. For more details on the topics and dates look at our calendar below.

Kelly Sunny Rae

Founder of Naturally By Nature

   Kelly Sunny Rae, is the creator and owner of Naturally By Nature. She is also Certified in several healing modalities such as Yoga, Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Cacao Facilitator,Sound Practitioner,  Horticulturist, & Self Taught Herbalist.


     Sunny received her 200 Hour Yoga certification training in 2018 from Loveland Yoga and Wellness. She currently shares the gift of yoga to several communities, including Hillsboro, Washington Courthouse, Wilmington, and Lebanon. She also offers private yoga in her home or in nicer weather classes in the yard.


  In August of 2016 she began to learning about the system of Natural Healing through the use of Usui Reiki. Once she realized the need to educate more people about this effective healing technique she decided to take the final level of completion in June of 2019 becoming a Reiki Master.  Where she is now able to pass on the knowledge and "attunements" for others to start their healing journey.


    During this time Sunny also became a Certified Crystal Healer and Sound Practitioner.  She found that pairing all these things together has a profound effect on the clients and how using these wonderful tools provided by Mother Nature helps uplift and balance out our energy body.  As well as how to help bring relief from pain and anxiety in the physical body.


      Through the love of nature and plants Sunny gained her knowledge of being a Cacao Facilitator and earned her Horticulture Certificate from Southern State.  She now teaches others her understanding of the growing process from seed all the way up to harvest. She decided to put her focus on herbs for the added benefit of their healing qualities. She is a self taught herbalist with many years of experience in making and teaching about how to make herbal teas, tonics, tinctures, elixirs, salves, and infusions.


"Everything we need is right out our door or within us, as long as you know where to look and how to recognize it! Learning is a lifelong commitment in order to evolve to our higher self."

~ Sunny Rae ~


    Her goal was to create a place for people to gather, learn, and find alignment with in themselves. Having traveled the world and experiencing many different cultures, she has been able to see how we as Americans have strayed from a healthy diet, connection to nature, and from our own true essence. Practicing a plant based diet for the past 20 years has taught her appreciation for nutrition and an awareness of where our food comes from. She will be sharing with you all what has helped her along her journey, with hopes to help you with yours.  


 "Slow down, unplug, and tune into yourself and you will hear your inner-voice once again, guiding you every step of the way"

 ~Sunny Rae~

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